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Membership is open to any registered medical or paramedical practitioner providing that his/her specialist practice is either confined to the speciality of Cardiothoracic Surgery, or his/her practice is such as to give him/her a special interest in the subject of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Full members must be members of the South African Medical Association. The fees for Full membership are R4600 per annum, payable at the beginning of the year for the year ahead. Affiliated membership for registrars in training costs R2000 per annum.

Overseas membership (AGM of 13 July 2001) is open to previous members who reside and practice abroad but wish to maintain their membership of the Society.

The Society is affiliated to The South African Medical Association (see Constitution of the Society).

In order to register as a memberĀ  please CLICK HERE and complete the online registration form. You will then be sent an invoice for payment and please email proof of payment to